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2021 Spring/Summer Events on Zoom:

All talks on Zoom, Thursdays at 7:00 P.M.

2020 Autumn/Winter Events on Zoom:

All talks on Zoom, Thursdays at 7:00 P.M.

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2020 Spring/Summer Events:

  • 30th January On the Banks of the Dodder: Rathgar & Churchtown, an Illustrated History
    By Ged Walsh
    The History and Archaeology of Tallaght, Co Dublin
    By Tomás Maher
  • 26th March Liam Devlin, Dublin Toffee-Maker and Public Figure
    By John Healy
  • 30th April Watson’s Nurseries in Clontarf and Killiney 1844-1967
    By Bernardine Ruddy
  • 28th May Richard Stanihurst, 1547-1618: Dublin’s earliest Historian
    By Dr Colm Lennon
  • 13th June (Saturday Outing) 2.30 p.m. Walking Tour of Upper (‘Old’) Rathmines
    Meet at the ‘Bollard’, junction of Rathgar Road & Rathmines Road 2.30 pm.
    Led by Dr Séamas Ó Maitiú

2019 Autumn/Winter Events:

  • 26th September The Irish munitions industry in the First World War
    By Chris Owen
  • 31st October Plaques and memorials of the Rathmines & Ranelagh area
    By Brendan Langley
  • 28th November “Children need help and I am going to help them” - Dr. Ella Webb, 1877-1946
    By Declan Warde
  • 12th December Members’ Night – Variety of Topics
    Presented by Members and Friends

2019 Spring/Summer Events:

  • 31st January The Night of the Big Wind, 6th January 1839
    By Tom Harris
  • 28th February Deirdre Kelly Commemorative Lecture - The Sinking of the RMS Leinster, 10th October 1918
    By James Scannell
  • 28th March The Battle of the Four Courts June 1922
    By Michael Fewer
  • 25th April Lundy Foot, Dublin Snuff Manufacturer
    By John Fitzgerald
  • 30th May The Gaelic League in Dublin 1893-1913: twenty years a-growing?
    By Séamas Ó Maitiú
  • 15th June Visit to the Tenement House, (Saturday) 14 Henrietta Street.
    2.15 p.m. Meet at the house 2:10 p.m. for visit beginning 2:15 p.m. (€6 charge).

2018 Autumn/Winter Events:

  • 27th September Gordon Brewster – a Dublin newspaper cartoonist and his work 1922-1932.
    By Pól Ó Duibhir
  • 25th October The O’Carroll family of Rathgar: their role in education, medicine and the church.
    By Henry Fairbrother
  • 29th November St Mary’s College and its place in the history of Rathmines.
    By Charlie O’Neill
  • 13th December Members’ Night – Variety of Topics.
    Presented by Members and Friends

2018 Spring/Summer Events:

  • 25th January The Kearney Hangings in Bohernabreena 1815/16
    By John Fitzgerald
  • 22nd February Deirdre Kelly Commemorative Lecture
    Surgeons, Starlets and Storytellers: a History of Women in Dublin's South-East during the 20th Century
    By Maeve Casserly, Historian-in-Residence, Dublin City Council
  • 29th March The Bogs of Ireland By Brendan Langley
  • 26th April The Moravians in Dublin By Ged Walsh
  • 31st May Alfie Byrne, Lord Mayor of Dublin By Trevor White
  • 2nd June (Saturday) 2.30 pm Visit to Martello Tower No 7 Killiney
    Meet at the Tower 2.20 pm - junction of Killiney Ave & Killiney Hill Rd.

2017 Autumn/Winter Events:

  • 28th September The Dublin City Sports Archive By Ellen Murphy, Senior Archivist, Dublin City Library & Archive
  • 26th October The Fenian Rising in Tallaght 1867 – 150 years ago By Seán Bagnal
  • 30th November Toastmasters International, Rathmines College and its students By Stephen Kane
  • 14th December Members’ Night – Variety of Topics Presented by Members and Friends

2017 Spring/Summer Events:

  • 26th January The British army presence in Dublin By Henry Fairbrother
  • 23rd February DEIRDRE KELLY COMMEMORATIVE LECTURE Bram Stoker’s Dublin and the writing of Dracula By Paul Murray
  • 30th March Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan By Sally Corcoran
  • 27th April The Fitzwilliams of Merrion – the last of the line By Des Smyth
  • 25th May Forger, freemason, freeman: the story of Samuel Clayton, Dubliner By Margaret Smith
  • 17th June Outing: The Little Museum of Dublin, 15 St Stephen’s Green and the Huguenot Graveyard, Merrion Row
    Followed by coffee (Venue to be arranged). Meet outside the museum at 2.00 pm.

2016 Autumn/Winter Events:

  • 29th September The Dublin Paving Board (1774-1847): Management of Georgian Dublin's Streets. Illustrated. By Finnian O’Cionnaith.
  • 27th October (deferred from May) Things you did not know about the Statues and Sculptures of Dublin.* Illustrated. By Neal Doherty.
  • 24th November Lives, Letters, Liberty – Dublin’s General Post Office. Illustrated. By Stephen Ferguson.
  • 15th December Members’ Night – Variety of Topics Illustrated. Presented by Members and Friends

2016 Spring/Summer Events:

  • 28th January From Meath of the Pastures to Smithfield. Illustrated. By Mary O’Connell.
    Dublin Schools prior to 1831.
    Illustrated. By Rob Goodbody.
  • 31st March The Jacob’s Garrison & Portobello Bridge Easter 1916. Illustrated. By Séamas Ó Maitiú.
  • 28th April Ireland and Argentina. Illustrated. By Tom Harris.
  • 26th May Things you did not know about the Statues and Sculptures of Dublin. By Neal Doherty.
  • 12th June (Sunday) Visit to the Irish Jewish Museum. 3 Walworth Road, Dublin 8
    Meeting at the museum at 12.00 noon.

2015 Autumn/Winter Events:

  • 24th September The Boyne Way - from Drogheda to Navan. Illustrated. By Tom Harris.
  • 29th October Gone but not Forgotten – the Church of Ireland Graveyards of the City of Dublin. Illustrated. By Raymond Refaussé.
  • 26th November World War One and the Dublin Townships. Illustrated. By Séamas Ó Maitiú.
  • 10th December Members’ Night – Variety of Topics Presented by Members and Friends.

2015 Spring/Summer Events:

  • 29th January The 1914-1919 War Memorial, Holy Trinity Church, Rathmines. Illustrated. By Chris Owen
    The Building of Rathmines & Rathgar Catholic Churches
    . Illustrated. By Brendan Grimes
  • 26th March Electricity – Ireland’s Invisible Power. Illustrated. By Brendan Langley
  • 30th April Mount Jerome – a Protestant cemetery. Illustrated. By Henry Fairbrother
  • 28th May The Theatre Royal. Illustrated. By Conor Doyle
  • 6th June Donnybrook Walking Trail (Saturday). Meet at the entrance to The Royal Hospital Donnybrook, Bloomfield Avenue (off Morehampton Road) at 2.00 p.m. Illustrated. Led by John Holohan

2014 Autumn/Winter Events:

  • 25th September The Monica Roberts Collection of Letters from the Front, 1914-1918. Illustrated. By Bryan MacMahon
  • 30th October 'Guns & Hoses'; Dublin Fire Brigade & the Irish Revolution. Illustrated. By Las Fallon Please note, prior to this talk: a short event will take place in The MART 190a Rathmines Road Lower (a few doors from the Town Hall, the site of the old fire brigade station) to mark the centenary of the opening of the Fire Station). All welcome, assemble at 7.30p.m.
  • 27th November Count Casimir Markievicz. Illustrated. Patrick Quigley
  • 11th December Members’ Night – Variety of Topics Presented by Members and Friends

2014 Spring/Summer Events:

  • 30th January The Treasures of the Guinness Archive. Illustrated. By Eibhlin Roche.
    All Quiet on the Southern Front: The South Circular Road on the Eve of World War I
    . Illustrated. By Catherine Scuffil.
  • 27th March A Life of Marvellous Grit: Joseph Plunkett, Youngest 1916 Leader. Illustrated. By Honor Ní Brolcháin.
  • 24th April The Battle of Clontarf in Irish History and Legend Illustrated. By Colm Lennon.
  • 29th May The Arrival of the Sisters of St. Louis in Rathmines. Illustrated. By Sr. Éilís Ní Thiarnaigh.
  • 21st June (Saturday) Walking Tour of John Speed’s Dublin 1610. Led by Séamas Ó Maitiú. Meet at Front Gate of Trinity College at 2.30 p.m. WALK TO LAST APPROX 1.30 HOURS.

2013 Autumn/Winter Events:

  • 26th September Woolworths and the Irish main street Illustrated. By Dr Barbara Walsh.
    The Gaelic League in Dublin in 1913: 20 years a-growing?
    By Dr Séamas Ó Maitiú Venue: Rathmines Library, 157 Lr. Rathmines Road, Dublin 6
  • 28th November Another side of 1916. Rathmines love letters. Illustrated. By Tessa Finn.
  • 12th December Members’ Night – Variety of Topics Presented by Members and Friends

2013 Spring/Summer Events:

  • 31st January The Liberties of Dublin Illustrated. By Eoin Bairead
  • 28th February Deirdre Kelly Commemorative Lecture - Life as a Cameraman By Ken Murphy
  • 28th March The Desperate Fight to Save the Harvest of 1946: the Severe Winter of 1946 - 1947 Illustrated. By Padraig Laffan.
  • 25th April Club, Pub and Patriots of Milltown Illustrated. By Ged Walsh
  • 30th May The Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society: 100 Years Illustrated. By Nora O’Rourke
  • 29th June (Saturday) Summer Visit to Pearse Museum, St. Enda’s Park, Grange Road, Rathfarnham Meet at the entrance at 2.30 p.m. Bus Route 16 from City Centre. Get off at the stop opposite the park on Grange Rd; Car park available.

2012 Spring/Summer Events:

  • 27th September A Tale of Two Cities? - 19th Century Dublin. Illustrated. By Séamas Ó Maitiú
  • 25th October Andrew Carnegie - The Library Man Illustrated. By Brendan Langley.
  • 29th November New York in Sections - Katy Doyle's Postcards, 1906- 1908 Illustrated. By Elizabeth Smith.
  • 13th December Members' Night – Variety of Topics. Presented by Members and Friends By Members.

  • 26th January Dunsoghly Castle and the Plunkett Family By Edward Jordan
  • 23rd February Deirdre Kelly Commemorative Lecture, William Martin Murphy - Patriot and Entrepreneur By Fr. Tom Morrissey
  • 29th March Dublin’s Victorian Heritage by Michael B. Barry
  • 26th April Centenary of Girl Guides By Gillian Finan
  • 31st May A look at Dublin in 1911 By Jim Scannell
  • 30th June (Saturday) Tour of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, St. Stephen’s Green
    Meet at the entrance on York Street at 2 p.m.

2011 Autumn Events:

  • Thur 29th Sept 400 years of Dublins oldest map By Seamas O'Maitiu
  • Thur 27th Oct Richard Turner of Ballsbridge, Victorian Conservatory Designer and Engineer: Botanic Gardens at Kew, Belfast and Dublin. Illustrated. By Stephen Kane
  • Thur 24th Nov A Dublin Memoir of Queen St / Smithfield 1940 - 1950. Illustrated. By Eithne Aungier
  • Thur 8th Dec Members' Night - Variety of Topics Presented by Members and Friends

2011 Spring/Summer Events:

27th January: Dublin Zoo, a History (by Catherine de Courcy)

24th February: DEIRDRE KELLY COMMEMORATIVE LECTURE - The Spanish Flu in Dublin, 1918 (by Jessie Walsh)

31st March: Dublin Churches of St Nicholas (by Liam O'Meara)

28th April: Ireland's First Railway (by Jim Scannell)

26th May: Ranelagh Balloon Ascent (by Brian McMahon)

18th June (Sat): Visit to NAtional Print Museum in the Old Garrison Chapel of BEggars Bush BArracks, HAddington Rd, Dublin 4.

Meet outside at 3.00.

2010 Events:

Thursday 30th September 2010 at 8.00: Talk: Bridges over the Liffey (by Gerard Hoey. Illustrated)

Thursday 28th October 2010 at 8.00: Talk: History of the Grand Canal (by Mick Kinahan. Illustrated)

Thursday 25th November 2010 at 8.00: Talk: From the Bleeding Horse to Ranelagh (by Brendan Ellis. Illustrated)

Thursday 9th December at 8.00:Members' Night - Variety of Topics (by Members and Friends)